Monday, January 24, 2011

Mitsubishi COLT 2002 Review

The new platform shared with Daimler Chrysler was used for the Colt put on the market in November, 2002, and it was developed as a world-strategy car with which the basic performance (good run of safety, low mpg, clean discharge gas, and a response) as a compact car was united by high order origin. From a front bumper to a roof bridge, the style considers as a "one motion form" which flows, turns out to be a Colt at a glance, and designs. The front mask which arranged the three diamond greatly is characteristic. The interior of a room gives comfortable field composition and a feeling of a round which is wrapped in gently, and two kinds, bright warm interior and the cool interior of a sporty atmosphere, are set up. Selection of a separation and a bench is possible for a front sheet. As for a rear sheet, a setup and all can a right-and-left independent slide sheet and really arrange a slide sheet freely according to use scenes, such as a reclining, a slide, and a tongue bull. Moreover, it made sidewalk through possible by adoption of a column formula shift and a step formula brake. Engine is DOHC MIVEC of 1.3L&1.5L which is newly developed. With the combination of this and CVT (gearless drive mechanism), it is said that it was light and the good run of a response was realized. A dual airbag system etc. serves as all car standard equipments. Moreover, the "customer free choice" which can combine equipment according to each life style is introduced. A part will be improved in October, 2003. The recommendation package of 1.3L and a 1.5L model was made common, and also UV& heat protection glass was adopted.


Mitsubishi COLT 2002 Review Video

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