Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Links

1. NBER Working Paper by Schulhofer-Wohl providing probit regression evidence that negative equity does not reduce worker mobility and may even increase it. This is for the US market so we should be careful not to generalise to Europe where bankruptcy and foreclosure laws and norms are very different.

2. My podcast on RABO website on financial decision making

3. John Bruton's open letter to EU Commission is worth reading (via Kevin O'Rourke on irisheconomy). One of the best contributions from the Irish perspective so far.

4. The comments on the post about Denis Coniffe's passing give a sense of how highly he is regarded. A class act in every way.

5. My slides from last year on the mental health effects of the Irish recession.

6. Caplin et al neuroeconomic QJE paper on measuring beliefs and rewards.

7. Bushong et al AER paper on Pavlovian processes in consumer choice.

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