Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to face an interview successfully

1. Dress appropriately in simple - comfortable clothes that reflect your personality.

2. Avoid wearing new shoes (squeaking noises) and do practice wearing your tie.

3. Be punctual - don't be late or even too early.

4. Read up about the company - what business they are into, growth trends, diversification etc

5. Read your own resume - be sure that you don't have to look into your resume to recall details during the interview.

6. Carry extra copies of your resume and testimonials - you never know when you may need them.

7. Make sure you know the full name and designation of the person interviewing you.

8. Keep your references ready.

9. Remember to make a note of your previous or current salary with all its components.

10. If you are not an extraordinarily skilled person, then do not expect them to care about you! So, show them you care about the company's growth because you know that only their growth will let you develop in your career

11. Wish the interviewer(s) cheerfully and with a smile.

12. A firm handshake is an indicator of how you are feeling. If you are a lady, then some male employers might not make the first move, but go ahead and initiate the handshake.

13. Wait till you are asked to sit down.

14. Look the person in the eye.

15. Do not appear too nervous or overconfident - Your body language usually conveys more than what you are saying. Don't slouch or lean forward too much.

16. Try to curb nervous mannerisms [eg. fidgeting or biting your finger].

17. Appear comfortable, confident and interested in securing the job.

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