Thursday, January 13, 2011

BMOC 2011

Viva Italia! BMOC 2011 is Italy, Andrea Cipolla! He won handily, with 43% of the votes by our student body. Runners-up, in order and as determined by the Beauty School student body, were the Philippines' Paulo Mirasol, Hong Kong's Dickson Wong, Brazil's Carlos Lima, and Honduras' Carlos Saul Orantes.

Despite his win, Andrea will continue to pursue his communications degree and anchor Beauty School's morning TV news show, Today's BS. Be sure to stop by Studio 1A at the Amparo Munoz Center for the Performing Arts to congratulate him on his new BMOC title.

Here is Andrea, with his fellow Abruzzi buds back in 2007.

This is Andrea's school picture, freshman year at Beauty School

Andrea in his campus hoodie

Andrea in all his finest

Andrea relaxes at chic campus hot spot Cafe Zulu

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