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Bangladesh University Admission and Registration Procedures

Admission and Registration Procedures

Prospective students should collect/obtain admission forms from Registrar’s office on payment of a predetermined fee. The students should return the completed application form to the registrar’s office within the stipulated time. All correspondences and inquiries concerning admission should be addressed to this office.

Students’ proficiency in the English Language (structure, vocabulary, comprehension and composition) and basic mathematics is tested. Those who want to study Computer Science and Engineering are required to have competence in HSC level mathematics. Others are required to have reasonable proficiency in SSC level mathematics.

Admission Requirements

Minimum qualification for admission to undergraduate programs is as follows:

1.At least second division in SSC and HSC examinations or GPA 2.5, or

2.University of London GCE ‘O’ level in five subjects with at least 10 points and “A” level in two subjects with at least “C” grade or equivalent, or

3.Completion of American High School Diploma or equivalent, and

4.BU admission test score.

5.Admission test will be waived for candidates with a minimum score of 100 in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and at least 500 in the Test of English as foreign language (TOEFL).

6.Admission test will be waived for A+ and A holders in HSC examination and applicants with 4 A’s out of 5 “O” level examinations and 2 B’s in “A” level examinations.

Students who have completed a two-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university can apply for admission to a four year undergraduate program. However, BU will consider applications for credit transfer only in cases where previous academic performance meets BU degree requirements.

Credit Transfer
Transfer applications are considered for admission based on the result of the admission test and work completed in all public and private universities of Bangladesh. Credit is generally transferable, provided that course work has been successfully completed and is equivalent to that offered at Bangladesh University.

Faculty members evaluate courses already completed according to an established procedure. Courses taken at other institutions may satisfy the core curriculum requirements only if the courses are equivalent to BU courses approved for the core curriculum and obtaining grade C or higher grades. Course equivalencies are determined on the basis of contents, pre-requisites, writing requirements, and level. Some transfer students may be required to sit for placement tests to determine eligibility for obtaining credit as transferred.


Before the beginning of a semester (Spring/Summer/Fall), students have to register for courses, in consultation with Heads of Departments and the University Program Coordinator. The students have to select the appropriate courses, pay the required amount of fees, and register for them.

Students may pre-register for the appropriate courses at any time during an academic year. They may do so only in consultation with the Heads of Departments and the Course Coordinator/University Program Co-coordinator. In any case, students have to be considered eligible for admission into the degree programs at Bangladesh University.

General rules of Registration

1.Registration is incomplete until all fees are paid.

2.A student cannot register after the schedule date of registration mentioned in the academic calendar except by special permission of the Dean of Faculty. To avoid late fee of Taka 500/00 students must register during the scheduled registration period.

3.Registration for a semester is conducted under an academic calendar. It starts immediately preceding the starting of classes. It continues till the second week of classes.

4.Transfer students are provided with the opportunity to register in advance on specific registration days meant for new students.

5.Mere attendance does not constitute registration in a class.

6.Changes in enrolment of courses can only be made through the processing of an official registration form.

7.After the second week of the semester, the office of Admission and Records must process the Official Registration Form.

8.Tuition and other fees are payable in advance or only in very special cases by instalment with prior approval. A student will not be enrolled until at least the first instalment of tuition fees has been paid.

9.Students may not drop a course merely by stopping attending classes.

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