Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As for Carol of Mazda, alto of SUZUKI is an OEM supply car of the bases. "The favorite car which is usable willingly in everyday one's time" is a concept.
It is assumed that a packaging that treated easily, a unique, friendly externals, a bright, functional interior, and excellent fuel cost, the environment, and the safe performance, were achieved it is easy to drive aiming at the female user. Overall height 50mm, indoor high 30mm, the amount of seat sitting improve 25mm in comparison with the model conventionally in a front seat and enlarge a indoor space. The head clearance of composure was achieved. As for externals and the interior, the combination of the curve and the straight line is based, and unique parts such as rear combination lamps that make a rectangular headlamp and the circular arc a motif are adopted. The fender which protruded in the four corners, the bread par with the thickness are unique. A comfortable space has been achieved as the pressure feeling is reduced with a narrow central panel. The feature is excellent in the practicality as the rearward visibility is secured with an adoption of check visually a high, large-scale meter and the big backing door glass. Convenient equipment such as hooks and large-scale glove boxes set up under instrumental panel is adopted.
The engine is a setting only of natural suction. GII that equips with electric storage type door mirror and deep colored glass in July, 2006 is added. The seat epidermal also changes besides front bumper & grill is changed to the onepiece design in December, 2006, and the main grade has been suited to the green taxation plan at the same time.


Mazda CAROL Review video

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