Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It was attended though WAGON R restyled in October, 2003, and the AZ WAGON reborn to the new generation model, too. It is the one that the versatile type wagon corresponding to a variegated use scene of a wide user was evolved.
The platform that becomes the foundation of the car is completely changed. The comfortable ride, running, and quietness have improved by a newly developed suspension and the car body construction. The roof is long, the room is widened by widening it after the externals image of the rectangle is followed, and the space of composure has been achieved the height. The easiness of getting on and off to do has been improved by making the seat easy to position, and expanding the door opening. The room adopts a simple, openhearted design. Raised total feel of a material and optimized placement of each switches, and set abundant storage space, and the good point of the convenience is considered. The double folding mechanism that can fold the rear seat one-touch is adopted in the rear seat. A variegated seat arrangement was enabled.
There are four kinds of engines like turbo that adopt the direct-injection method to jet the fuel directly in the cylinder. The body color is abundantly prepared with 12 all colors. At first, RR of a senior grade was set. Changing in exterior and interior, making of equipment, and enhanced the engine were improved in September, 2005. Exterior and interior was added in February, 2007 and the custom style to which the grade improved was added. In the partial improvement in May, 2007, the enhancement of equipment was aimed at besides the design of exterior and interior was changed according to the grade. Moreover, T of a new grade was added to the custom style.


Mazda AZ-WAGON Review Video

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