Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Reception Tips

Tips For Planning A Great Wedding Reception
By Gabriel Adams

A wedding reception is the party that is held after a wedding
ceremony. These parties have become very important parts to any
wedding. They allow members of each family to get together and
converse with one another.

To make your wedding even more memorable you should plan a good
wedding reception. The most important thing to have for any
reception is to have the right kind of atmosphere. Get some
nice round tables and position them equally around a large
room. This will allow each guest to be seated equally from each
other and allow them to walk around and greet other guests
without too much of a hassle.

When seating the bride, groom, and their families you can use
raised square tables that allow them to take an "honor
position." It is after all their big day and they should be
remembered in it. This also allows anyone who wants to greet
them to be able to line past them, shake hands, and give

You should also consider having some food available in your
reception. Having a well catered meal and a nice serving of
drinks, alcoholic and nonalcoholic will make everyone happy. If
you don't want to go with a full meal you should at least
considerer serving some hors d'oeuvres.

Another thing that should be considered is music. This helps
lighten the mood and gives people something to concentrate on
when not in conversation. Good music can help set the theme of
the whole night.

Lastly a fun and exciting thing to do is to get pictures and
videos of the bride and grooms life and put them together in a
video. This allows guests to get a glimpse into the former
lives of the bride and groom. It also allows the couple to see
what they were and to make their new lives something better,

Whatever you decide to do when planning a reception always make
sure the bride and groom approves the designs. It is their big
day and things should go according to what they want.

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