Friday, December 31, 2010


Dean Harris gave the following miscellaneous year-end tidbits of beauty news to Lorraine to put in the library's vertical files, along with these hand-written instructions, because he knows how much hairspray she has snorted in her life:

"Vertical files in a library are a great research resource. Often overlooked in favor of the internet, these files provide valuable, accessible information. Librarians keep vertical files updated as information on a variety of topics arrives. Photos, articles, and newspaper clippings are all items that can be found in vertical files.

"Please be reminded that the vertical files are not to be used for storing your hair rollers, old cans of half-used Aqua Net, mascara, and other beauty supplies. For that, please use your pink Caboodles that you got at Miss Teen USA 1988's yard sale!

The new Mister Lebanon 2010-2011 is Roy Imad, 21. He won the title on December 15, during a glitzy gala at the Casino du Liban in Beirut. Among his prizes is a king ring - oh my! We hope they got the ring size right for this massive, 1m85 stud!

The new Mister Nicaragua 2010 is Yasser Baldelomar, 25, of Granada. Topping six other guys, the gorgeous lawyer won the title on December 3. Also, yummy Yasser won the titles of Míster Fashionista, Mejor Cuerpo (we can see that!), and Mejor Sonrisa.

Miss Tourism International 2010 is Miss Netherlands Nathalie Den Dekker, 21. She won the coveted title just yesterday, during a glittering New Year's Eve gala celebration in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Miss Australia Holly Anne Visser was first runner-up. Miss Venezuela Stephany Gonzalez, Miss Philippines Barbara Salvador, and Miss Mongolia Borgoljin Bayarsaikhan rounded out Nathalie's court of honor.

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