Friday, December 31, 2010

Stamford University Bangladesh Admission Circular Spring 2011

Stamford University, Bangladesh is moving forward with a Vision of Excellence: “Moving Teaching Excellence from Good to Great”. From good to better, better to excellent and from excellent to great are the steps involved to reach great. With a Long Range Strategic Planning Stamford continues the transformative process of being one of the premier universities of higher education in this region and it is evident by the milestones that have been set by us over the last 12 years. Our current plan articulates new directions for the university. This strategic plan outlines an enhanced vision of excellence in our:

  • Updated and global standard academic programs;
  • Rich faculty members to prepare students for future leadership and service in multicultural, global and technological societies;
  • Continuation of creating possible better facilities for students;
  • Greater emphasis on student success beyond the wall of Stamford;
  • Expected scholarly contribution in the area of instruction, research, creative expression and service;
  • Continuing development and expansion in all areas and effort to develop partnerships on all-important levels;
  • Continuous review of the factors involved in new directions;
  • Locating problems in different areas and keep on renovating it.

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