Thursday, March 10, 2011

Student Project on the Bosnian Genocide

Emily B, an 8th grade student, created an extensive project related to the Bosnian war for the Manatee County History fair.

"One of the major tings I learned was that even though tragic events happen and pass, they are never fogotten. Someone will always be affected by it, no matter how far in the past it occurred."

Emily contacted the Holocaust Center, and we were able to connect her with Selena, a survivor of the Bosnian war, living in the Seattle area. (Selena also contributed to the Holocaust Center's "Stories Among Us: Personal Accounts of Genocide" series published in the Seattle Times.)

"I chose my topic, the Bosnian genocide, for many reasons. My mom introduced the topic to me at first. As I researched more in depth, I learned how recent this event had occurred. Also, not a lot of people knew about it and I wanted to raise awareness. My last reason was it affected thousands of people only a few years before I was born."

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