Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here's one more monumental door, this one in the north of France at 3 rue de Bergues in Esquelbecq, a typical Flemish village, population 2,200.  The house was built in 1780; it's sculpted façade is listed on the inventary of Monuments Historiques.

Esquelbecq is situated in the heart of Flanders on the banks of the Yser, a well-known river which formed a natural obstacle to the German advance during WWI. The village's name is derived from the Dutch Ekelsbeke or "acorn brook" because the Yser is lined with numerous oak trees.

Flamand(e):  Flemish
Flandres: Flanders
un chêne:  an oak tree
un gland:  an acorn
glander:  to hang around

Another in my series of French monumental doors: Stone and Illusion

Text & photo © P.B. Lecron

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