Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here's a useful travel tip I've never encountered before in any guidebook: get to know the subtle differences between French cursive writing and your own. When in France it could help reading chalkboard menus, signs, a child's homework and who knows, maybe even romantic handwritten notes.

Above is an abécédaire model like the ones used in the écoles primaires. Remember, this is the base; movement, rhythm, intensity and space vary from one writer to another. Note the differences with the American style of forming p's, v's, w's and particularly the capital G's, J's, S's, T's and X's.

An important word about numbers. Many French people's handwritten "4" resembles most Americans' "6", which can make for a great deal of confusion in a number of circumstances!

This is a French "4" not a "6".
abécédaire: a small book to learn the ABC's
école primaire: primary school

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